Sketching time
And the fun starts
And continues
Having fun
Need more icing
Even on the sites
And the cake is covered
Half naked gluten free carrot cake
Just few finishing touches
How great it is to use fresh flowers
And here we are all finished

I have been interested in baking since I was little. I have two brothers which meant my mum was baking every weekend. I was always around to help, not just making the cake but licking the bowl as well. You could always tell how well the cake would turn out from the mix, Yum Yum!

I was always interested to taste new bakes wherever I was. It wasn't great for my shape but I didn't mind at that time.  Unfortunately I had to concentrate on my studies which meant less baking and more studying. 

A few years later, when I had finished school and settled with lovely husband and kids, I finally started to bake once again. Both kids and hubby began to get fatter so I started taking my creations to work. My colleagues paid me great compliments and started to ask me to bake for them. I was also delighted to win the Market Harborough Bake off competition in 2017. This gave me the much needed confidence to start my own home baking business. So here I am.


It has not always been smooth sailing, sadly my hubby was diagnosed with Rheumatologic Arthritis and had been advised not to eat food containing gluten. This was a huge shock for me as none of my bakes were gluten free. However I did not give up and started experimenting with various gluten free flours. I discovered I could create great tasting bakes that everyone could enjoy. And to give you a peace of mind my kitchen and my bakes have been tested for gluten using testing kits purchased from Bio-Check UK company and have passed. Visit if you would like to find out more about the test kits. Although great care is taken and bakes are tested, unfortunately my bakes are not approved by Coeliacs organisation.

Whatever your dietary requirements, I can bake you a creation that looks as good as it tastes. I am always happy to discuss options so if you would like to chat about your order please feel free to get in touch.


Happy browsing and I look forward to hearing from you!